Drama Behkawa on Geo tv

Cast: Maria Wasti, Hina Dil Pazeer, Adnan Siddiqi, Samina Ahmed, Rubina Ashraf, Anoshay, Asma Abbas, Rashid Farooqi, Mirza Shahi, Narwan

Written By: Fasih Bari Khan 
Directed By: S.Mazhar Moein 
Produced By: Media City 
Productions & NZ Signature Films
Fresh Timing: 21:00
Day: Thursday 

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Episode 26 - Last Episode


  1. comeon where is new episode?waiting please

  2. plz download episode 7 i am waiting.

  3. this is very true.....only ur real brother is ur brother nobody else.... this maria wasti and her step brother reminds me sumthng which i dont want to remember but few things from ur past life will never change u have to live with it..........

  4. marvelous...stupendous lyrics of the OST.sung beautifully,but please longer nails (along with nail polish) shouldn't be shown while offering prayer.and especially aged ladies should have short nails on screen.Thanks

  5. Maria wasti g u r owsome


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