Drama Meri Subha Ka Sitara on Geo tv

Meri Subha Ka Sitara


Meri Subah Ka Sitara revolves around Nawaz Ikram a not-so good looking but extremely wealthy businessman, his beautiful wife Sara Alvi and their two daughters Maheen and Meerab. Nawaz has spent has his entire life feeling inferior to his wife simply because she is better looking than him. Unfortunately for Nawaz and as the story unfolds, history repeats itself in the form of his two daughters. While Meerab is left at the most crucial juncture in her life because of her immense beauty; Maheen is exploited for lack of it at the hands of a man she is devoted to. A soap that will throw light on that one question we all often ask ourselves: Is beauty really just skin deep? Or is there more to a person than the way they look.


  1. I am looking to down load OST of meri subah ka sitara, I could not find full song.


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