Drama Ruswa on Geo tv

A serial that looks at the unfortunate and ever changing fate of a young East-Pakistani Hindu girl called Sundri. Pain, suffering and torture await Sundri at every turn in life, leaving her not only heartbroken and vulnerable but also making her stronger and more determined to face the world. From being sold by a family member; to being married off to a man old enough to be her father; to being accepted into the perfect family with open arms only to be left alone again. Sundri goes through it all, each phase in her life marked by a change of name and even religion when she converts to Islam. However, no matter what she goes through, Sundri miraculously seems to be able to retain her chastity and goodness against all odds. An awe-inspiring story which talks about the courage, strength and grace of a woman of the Sub-Continent.
Cast: Maria Wasti, Faisal Qureshi, Arjumand Rahim, Nazli Nasser, Amber Naureen, Sami Khan, Qavi Khan, Kainat Chauhan.
Written By: Riffat Siraj
Directed By: Iram Binte Shahid
Produced By: A & B Productions
Fresh Timings20:00
Day: Friday

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  1. wonderful drama..the dialogues were amazing also the end was breath taking..never imagined it wud end this way

  2. Ish mamabastar. Very nice acting. I like it


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