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Rog” as the title depicts is a story of lament and sorrow that Abid and his family has to face through out the journey of life. A middle class family headed by the only bread earner who lives abroad for job concerns and his wife back at home plays no role towards the governance of the family, resulting into a disgraceful incidence with their youngest daughter Nimra. And it marks the advent of turmoil in the life of Abid and his family.
Plot accelerates the passage of time and subsides the intensity of grief for the family; but soon after 12 years, settled in a new city Nimra has to face Ayaz, the man behind her devastation as her proposed husband. 

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  1. Great drama serial! Where are the rest of the parts?

  2. I live in uae and this drama is far behind than Pakistan in terms of episodes so I wtched it online and can't wait to see the next episode. It is really a different story I hope it won't stretch like rani beti raaj karey. Short and sweet is always good.

  3. the story is very touchy

  4. It is one of the best dramas, very touchy and a big lesson for ignorant mothers. And also we should keep our kids aware about these filthy evil realities of now a days world.
    Great Job, Asif Raza Mir.

    By, Tehmina.

  5. very touching and so true,mothers beware.

  6. loveeeeee this drama!!!!

  7. Onestly I rate this drama, it is such a good and true story for those people who prefer giving more time to their socializing rather than giving time to their family. please people who ever watch this drama try to learn from it before something similar happens to one of our families

  8. great drama never seen drama like this b4 well done

  9. khushi aik roag was better


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