Sitcom SHASHLIK xtra hott on Geo tv

SHASHLIK x-tra hott

‘Shashlik X-tra Hot’ is a story of married couple Cheekoo and Mishi.

Cheekoo, who has always been obsessed with Mishi, is now realising that marrying a cousin that one has practically grown up which is not a great idea. Mother of Cheeko or Mishi’s phupoo is Mishi’s arch rival and she never stops her soapy melodrama with Mishi, the former niece and now the daughter in law. To further complicate the issues, Mishi has adopted two grown up kids as she does not want to go through the drill of nanny-ing babies or deal with the problems of school going toddlers. These two full grown and blown kids make the inherently crazy family even more abnormal and hence several interesting and funny situations arise due to this family anomaly.

To top it all Cheekoo has become a shrink, a paradox of its own kind, and has a clientele ranging between women having minor psychological disorders to severe personality defects. These crazy women fill in all the ‘not-so-missing’ blanks of Cheekoo’s life. To bring in the much necessary ‘other woman’, his rather dull and boring receptionist, Tanveer Hidayat Ullah, starts haunting Mishi and in turn she makes Cheekoo’s professional life miserable too.

Other than the stock characters who are introduced in the first episode, there will be guest appearances by various actors.

Cast: Nadia Afgan, Sarmad Khoosat, Uzma Hassan, Samreen Kapasi, Rizwan Ali,
Rosanna Khan, Zakiya Khan and many more.
Directed by: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat
Produced by: Erfan Khoosat
Fresh Timings: 19:00