Drama Serial Zip Bus Chup Raho on Geo Tv

“Zip” is a touching story of a women name Parveen Un Nisa, who is the mother of Jibi and Taby. Her husband has mysteriously left her, few years’ back which led her to face many challenges by our society being a single parent. This story unveils the hidden facts that how our society treats a women once gets trapped, especially when a women without her husband carrying responsibilities of their children.

This frustration and fear misleads her to trust women called Gypsy who claims to be a socialite, but in reality she exploit vulnerable women and trains them to become an object of rich business tycoon’s.

Here comes the twist, will Paro be able to hide who exactly she is? Or will she be getting a chance by a society to turn and established her identity back to Parveen and live a normal life with her children by refusing this grimy trade and live normally  like any other respectful women.

For all these questions don’t forget to watch this exciting drama serial that takes you to the world of suspense, and closer to the brutal reality until then sit back and ‘ZIP’.

Written By Irfan Ahmed
Produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Humayun Saeed
Directed by Shaquielle Khan 
Starring: Aisha Khan, Sakina Samoon, Humayun Saeed, Nauman Masood, Asad Malik, Mohib Mirza, Nazli Nasar, Adnan Saeed, Natasha Saleem.

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  1. Sakina sammon's acting is really bad and artificial in this drama....... she is not suitable for this role.... really bad one


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