Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa on Geo tv

Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa

Brace yourselves for brand new sitcom Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa exclusively on GEO. Starring the vivacious Farida Jalal in the title role and set in Dubai; Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa revolves around Dolly Aunty’s six bedroom Grand Villa, its quirky set of staff and diverse range of paying guests.
Dolly Parera is an Anglo-Indian in her late fifties who runs the Villa with the help of long-time companion and her now manager, Akhtar Nazeer Malik aka Colonel. An ex-army officer who it soon emerges has a bit of a soft-spot for Dolly Aunty. Her other staff include the ever-effeminate French chef Zuben and the Hyderabadi maid Gulbadan, whose on a never-ending quest for a third husband. As for Dolly Aunty’s tenants, well although the Villa’s strictly for couples, it is still nonetheless a melting pot of cultures and personalities. Paying guests include ‘made for each other’ couple Ajay and Preeti; ‘always at loggerheads’ Arman and Samia and ‘love-struck’ Sunny and Nisha. A mixture of drama, romance, emotion and mystery; and of course bursting with wit and humor, this is one sitcom which will leave you glued to your TV screens.
Farida Jalal, Talat Hussain, Fahad Sherwani, Ayesha Gul, Ayaz Ahmed, Armeena rana Khan, Aamir Qureshi, Jana Malik, Alex, omer essa khan & Raheem.

Written by: Aamir Qureshi
Produced and Directed by: Abis Raza
Executive producer: Anjum Shahzad
Fresh Timings: 19:30
Day: Monday to Thursday