Drama Serial Sandal on Geo Tv

Children’s lives are sometimes devastated by their own parents due to negligence. If polio vaccination is not provided at right time, it could leave a child physically handicapped for life.
Sandal is such a girl, polio-stricken who had lost one of her legs during the childhood. She is ambitious and hard working and her only solace in life is acquiring a good education.
A boy who comes into her life, falls in love with her and wants to marry her is taken aback when he comes to know about her disability. An inner conflict ensues as his heart tells him that she is the right girl for him but his mind does not let him accept her.
The story is told in a wonderful way and addresses many issues that a handicapped person, particularly a girl, has to face in our multi-dimensional and multi-faceted society from a day to day basis to life as a whole.

Cast:Faisal Qureshi, Mona Liza, Sunita Marshal and Fahad Mustafa.
Written by: Maha Malik
Directed by: Baber Jawaid
Produced by: A & B Productions and High Entertainment



  1. whan can i see sandal ep 11

  2. What day does the drama come on and what time in uk ?

    Asad Ullah the best character, everyone think's Love is achieving ?!

  4. best drama i love it

  5. asadullh love you...


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