Drama serial Tumhe Kuch Yaad Hai Jaana on Geo tv

Tumhe Kuch Yaad Hai Jaana

Would you be too proud to tell someone you loved them...in the hope that the object of your affection would one day fall at your feet confessing their undying love for you? Well that’s exactly what the protagonist of this play Dariya does. Set against the backdrop of a powerful business empire this is a play which talks about how pride can sometimes cost you a lifetime’s worth of happiness.
This serial is a melodrama which revolves around the ‘silent’ love that Dariya has for Nayan, her father’s business partner’s son. When Nayan eventually proposes to and marries Dariya’s best friend and confidant Zartaab, she deals with it in the only way she can, by letting her pride and ego lead the way. Sadly, Zartaab and Nayan's wedding day was touched by tragedy when Nayan and Dariya's fathers died in a car crash on the same night. Now, perhaps driven by envy more than anything else, Dariya starts blaming Zartaab and Nayan for her father's death and vows to take revenge from them. What follows, is a series of fights for company shares, Nayan’s paralysis in a car accident and Zartaab’s vow to fight back by creating a business empire of her own. The question is how will it all end? And will Dariya ever be able to look beyond her ego and pride-two emotions that consume her so completely at the moment? Watch to find out!

Writer: Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar
Director: Dilawar Malik
Producer: Irfan Ghanchi

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