Drama Serial "Thori Si Wafaa Chahiye"

A serial which is all about the sacred institution of marriage, and how it is vital to a prosperous and thriving society. To the average outsider, Rania and Sheeraz look like the perfect couple; they are well to do, have two beautiful children and seem to be perfect for each other. However, as we later learn, things aren’t always as they seem on the outside. Rania is shocked when she finds out about Sheeraz’ extra marital affair with a woman called Mehreen. She decides to leave him and from hereon begins a journey that is destined to change the whole family’s lives forever. Sheeraz eventually marries Mehreen and takes son Arsal with him. The couple start living a lavish life, the money for which comes from Sheeraz’ under-the -table dealings as a corrupt bureaucrat. Rania meanwhile marries the good-hearted Jasim and takes daughter Maham with her. While both Sheeraz and Rania seem happy in their new lives, it is in the tragic fate of their children Maham and Arsal that a vital lesson can be learnt on the sanctity of marriage. Separated by their parents, Maham and Arsal grow up amidst a host of insecurities and develop a variety of problems. For Arsal, living with his step mother almost ends up costing him his life. While For Maham, it is the feeling of not being part of her mother’s new family, which haunts her.
However fate soon catches up with Sheeraz and he is arrested on corruption charges. After returning from jail, Sheeraz is shocked to find his home, property and wealth are all now owned by Maheen, who is now living there with her beau Raheel. Maheen explains to Sheeraz that his money was all she ever wanted, and that she had actually always been in love with Raheel. And if this wasn’t devastating enough, Sheeraz is also shocked to find Arsal critically ill after suffering years of mental abuse at the hands of his stepmother. So for Sheeraz, life eventually comes full circle when he is left penniless and has to beg Rania for money to save their dying son.

Believable characters and relationships make this a serial which isn’t just emotional and moving, but also comments on the universal need to ‘belong’ and be loved by your family.

Cast: Sajid Hassan, Iffat Omar, Mehwish Hayat, Akhtar Hasnain, Shamoon
bbasiWriter: Syed Wasi Shah
Director: Yasir Nawaz
Producer: Hassan ZiaFresh


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