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Teri Ik Nazar on Geo tv

Sadaf the elder daughter who is sober, sensitive but coward while the younger one Nida is a bright, brave and strong headed girl. They both are suffering due to lack of love and support from their father as he cares more about his status and sister rather than his own immediate family.

Cast : Sara Chaudhry , Saba Qamar , Saba Faisal , Tauqeer Nasir , Sohail Sameer, Imran Urooj, Agha Ali, Asma Abbas, Safia Ahmed, Yasir Mazhar, Shamir, Fakhira, Tanveer, Maheen

Writer : Jahanzeb Qamar
Director :
Fauzia Siddiqui & Rafiq Ahmed
Producer :
Rafique Warraich